We and Fair Trade


Dear friends of the fair trade!

With the fair trade of mainly handicraft products that hold a long tradition in Latin America, we want to inspire and encourage the cultural exchange between countries. It is a particular desire of ours to not only offer exotic products, but to also, at the same time, increase cultural awareness and give an insight into the local traditions of Latin America. Thus, it is important to us, to always give detailed information on all the products offered and furthermore provide information on Latin America in general, as well as its rich culture, politics and music in particular for educational as well as informational purposes.

By trading these products, Arte Indio helps local craftsmen and cooperatives from Latin America to receive orders and thus promotes the preservation of traditional crafts. Through long-term partnerships we guarantee them long-term work perspectives, which will enable them to increase their self-esteem and provides them with an opportunity to greatly improve their quality of life. All this takes place in a constant exchange of ideas and close contact. In addition, at least once a year, we travel to Peru to place new product orders, supervise existing orders, visit the craftsmen in order to generate new ideas for our products and organize the shipments. All prices for the products are talked about and fixed with the craftsmen. These generally are above the regular market prices. All the different projects and productions are financed by us in advance.

Educational Work:

The projects include various activities designed to give people a better understanding of the culture of other nations (in this case South America). This way we offer a multi-visional introduction to the unique cultural realm of Latin American people portrayed through slide presentations in which the music occupies the central important place. These projects are designed primarily for students to increase their intercultural awareness and sensitize them for the lives of other people. We also offer training seminars for teachers, educators, world shop owners and employees as well as everyone who is interested in learning about Latin American culture and the importance of its musical instruments. During these seminars, the different musical instruments will be introduced and their design, the manner in which they are played and the historical background will be explained.

Equally important to us is the educational benefit at regional level. We organize various informational events at which local craftsmen receive hints and suggestions on how to optimize their products and production processes in order to meet the quality requirements of the importing countries.

Especially in rural areas, we encourage the formation of co-operative associations and organizations. This way, craftsmen are provided with a chance to secure long-term contracts, which will guarantee them regular revenues and income.
Furthermore, we help establish contacts between several different organizations in Peru (e.g. schools, cooperatives and communities) and corresponding organizations in Germany. This way several partnerships already emerged and many different projects went off to a good start.

Arte Indio also includes:

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Living in Latin America
The World of Wind Instruments

·    Slide Presentations about Latin America 
Inside Peru
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·    Training Seminars

·    Travel Information on Peru

·    Band Planning and Performing at Events


Arte Indio Team