Peru Country and people

Peru and its population
Peru is a quiet, hospitable and generous country with a glory past and an iron democratic will. According to the words of José Arguedas, Peru is a mixture of all different ancestries, an encounter of old tribes and new peoples. Peru is a beautiful and free country. The Peruvian everyday life comprises quiet streets, a great variety of stores, amazing beaches and breath-taking landscapes.
Throughout its history Peru has been a place of encounter for different races and cultures. About 500 years ago, the Spanish joined the Natives. The result of this encounter, which has later been enriched through the immigration of Blacks, Asians and Europeans, is the Peruvian – representative of a nation, whose ethical opulence is one of its most important attributes.

Official language of Peru is Spanish. Quecha, Aymara as well as other Native language however are also acknowledged in the respective regions, where they are spoken.
Peruvian people are very religious by nature: The diversity of persuasions and religious freedom can be seen in a variety of festivities and rituals, which reflect all, the Catholic fervor, the Spanish heritage to some extent as well as the mysticism of the prehispanic cultures that are several thousands of years old.

In 2000, Peru had a total population of 25.6 million. The population is excessively young; 66 % of the Peruvian population is below the age of 30 and only 7 % are older than 65. The speed of growth of the population decreased in the past years and currently lies at approx. 1.7 % per year with an annual net increase of 433,000 to the total population. Birth control has a big priority for the current government and surveys show that Peruvian women in general now want to have fewer children. Based on the general tendency it is expected that the age profile will change between 1998 and 2025 with the share of the population below the age of 15 decreasing from 34.4 % to 23.6 % and the share of the population above the age of 65 increasing to 12.6 %. But even in the year 2025, Peru will still have a relatively young population compared to developed industrial nations. The life expectancy currently is 68 years, compared to 54 years in 1970.

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