Organisations in Peru

Gresp Network of different organizations that work with fair trade.

Arte Indio Peru SAC Exporter, alternative Trade Organization

Pro Artesano Peru Peruvian organization, campaigning for laws and rights of Peruvian craftsmen on a political level.

CIAP-Intercrafts Peru SAC. Central Interregional de Artesanos del Perú. Organization of Peruvian craftsmen. Main focus is on production, export as well as alternative tourism.

Apromaldi  Agricultural cooperative of mango producers in Northern Peru.

Asociación de Productores Agropecuarios Rodriguez de Mendoza (APARM)  Cooperative/ Association of agrarian producers.

Central piurana de cafetaleros (Cepicafé) - Pidecafé - Ecocafé 7 Association/ Cooperative of coffee and sugarcane planters in the Andes in Northern Peru (established 1995). Approx. 4800 farmers belong to this organization.

Coopérativa Agraria Cafetalera Valle Rio Apurimac (CACVRA)  Cooperative of coffee planters in the centre of Southern Peru (region around Ayacucho and Cuzco), approx. 3000 members.

Instituto de Desarrollo Urbano - CENCA independent institution/ organization, dedicated to improve the general living conditions and the ecology and environment and supporting the local economical development. (Supports small businesses and family enterprises). 

Manos Amigas S.A. Exporter, alternative Trade Organization

MINKA Association of producers from rural areas – networking-organization.