Machu Picchu
 Machu Picchu, Peru (16 Images) For whoever is going to South America, especially to Peru, a visit to Machu Picchu is imperative. According to a theory, the well-preserved ruins of the Inca, perched high on a peak of the Andes in 2.360 meters, were built by Pachacutec Yupanqui, a ruler of the Inca-empire.


Rocoto relleno
 Guten Appetit auf "peruanisch" (9 Images)
Foreign countries – foreign menus! Here, you will want to try everything. Whether vegetables, meat or fish – the variety is great. Foreign spices will make the dishes become an experience.



 Feste feiern (3 Images)
The costumes for celebrations in Peru are colorful and imaginative. For us Europeans, the festivities also are somehow mysterious. Who is hiding behing the masks?

Natur 1
 Planzenwelt in Peru (13 Images)
The flora in Peru is very multifaceted. You can admire colorful flowers, berries and delicate grasses everywhere. The picture can only show a small insight into the flora.


Handwerker 4
 Handwerker Perus (26 Images)
In countries with a high share of the population being Natives, handicraft holds a very long tradition. We work together with several families in Peru, which are dedicated to handicrafts, to produce handcraft products with old and new techniques as well as to produce new products.



Kinder in Peru 12
 Kinder Perus (33 Images)
Peru is, concerning its population, a very “young country”. Approx. 66 % of the Peruvian population is below the age of 30. Children grow up within the tradition and participate at very young age in the several traditional festivities already (music, dances, parades etc.)

 Arequipa, Weiße Stadt Perus (10 Images)
 Arequipa, White City of Peru
The second biggest city of Peru is famous for its old colonial buildings, which are predominantly built with white stones from the surrounding volcanoes.


Colonial Haus
 Lima, Peru (8 Images)
Lima, La Ciudad de los Reyes, named the “city of the kings”, was established by Francisco Pizarro in 1535 and has a high concentration of churches, monasteries and beautiful old buildings.


Saqsayhuaman 1
 Peru / Süden (7 Images) the South. The typical touristic route in Peru also goes down in the South, where there are many Inca-buildings to visit.


Trujillo, Chimu Ruinen
 Peru / Norden (9 Images)
Northern Peru is less known, as it is barely tapped by tourists. Nevertheless, there are some very considerable and significant sights there.


 Nationalreservat Paracas, Peru (8 Images)Paracas National Reservation, Peru.The Paracas Peninsula on the Pacific Ocean is a nature reserve with a very rare beauty. There, you can find beautiful water landscapes and a very diverse fauna.


Puno 8
 Karneval in Puno, Peru (9 Images)
Carnival in Puno takes place every year in February with a big, colorful parade. Countless folklore, music and dance groups are participating. The parade takes about 40 hours and thus wears on for 3 full days.


Pozuzo 12
 Pozuzo, Peru (18 Images)
The  “Colony Pozuzo” was established by Tyrolean, Rhinelander and Bavarians at the eastern edge of the highlands in Northwestern Peru in 1859.


Insel Taquile
 Taquile / Titicaca See, Peru (12 Images)
Taquile is an island in Lake Titicaca. It is especially famous for its “knitting men”. On Taquile knitting is reserved for the men. Special characteristics of the traditional costume are the pointy hats (Chillihuas).

 Tierwelt Perus (3 Images)
There is an amazing fauna to gaze at in Peru, with breath-taking mountains and foreign flowers in the background. Even inconspicuous animals are presented in a new light through the exotic flora.

Mexiko ist Bunt / Colores de Mexiko
 Mexiko Lindo (15 Images)
Mexico always is worth the trip. Unique landscapes, ancient monuments of the Aztecs and Mayas and an exceptional variety in costumes are awaiting you.