About Arte Indio

The Firm Arte Indio company was established in 1997. The name “Arte Indio” reflects the art objects produced by the natives of middle and south America as well as Mexico.

Although Latin America is very diverse in culture and language, our interest lies mainly with its natives – the “Indios”. Even though the term “Indio” was at one point a derogative term used to denote the natives, today many ethnic groups associate themselves with this name which relates to their culture and language. The name “Arte Indio” is naturally Spanish, which is the common language in most of Latin America countries. The focus of Arte Indio lies in two areas: projects and the trade with art and crafts. The projects involve various activities and are designed to show and bring the culture of other people(here the Americas) closer to man. They offer a multi-visional introduction to the unique cultural realm of the Latin American people portrayed through slide presentations in which the music occupies the central important place. These projects are designed primarily for students to increase intercultural awareness and sensitivity for the lives of other people.

We also offer training seminars for teachers, educators,world shop owners  and everyone who is
interested in learning about Latin American culture and importance of its musical instruments. In these seminars various musical instruments are introduced, their historic background explained and their structure portrayed in a way of playing.
In the sale of the art and crafts object we strictly pay attention to the rules and regulations of Fair Trade. In the early days of our company we were visible at many Markets with our mobile concession stands, in the meantime we supply many shops with our products. In addition, since 2006, our products can be purchased via our Online Shop. Arte Indio is currently comprised of employees in Germany, an assistant in Lima and a large number of helpers (in Germany and Peru) who are very active and dedicated to this project.
Arte Indio / Titicaca Kind